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My OLGA Style&Design project was started in 2014. To create the perfect visual representation of my art events for the spectators and participants, I worked a lot with different pictures, images and art objects. This persistent search of perfect style and art combinations inspired me to change all the space around me. Firstly, it was my own flat. I have found that I can give beauty, character, and personality to the furniture and accessories as I did it dealing with performances, parties, exhibitions and other events.

Then I started to work as an accessories, home decor and furniture decorator. I decorate bangles (mostly using the decoupage technique) and various items of home decor: hangers, jewelry stands, lamps, trays, mirrors, shelves and so on. Also, I give new life to old and dull furniture. Old and ugly-looking tables, closets and chairs are repainted and reborn as beautiful and stylish ones.

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To order OLGA Design items or services, please contact me by e-mail: info@olgaproject.com, or call +7 (911) 2131939.

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