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OLGA Art Events appeared in 2010 after I realized that the best way to represent the idea of every event is to unite the various kinds of art. Thus I became an event planner. Using combinations of drama, music, visual arts, dance, poetry etc., I produced many art and cultural events: exhibitions, performances, festivals, shows, parties, concerts and others. To book or to attend OLGA art events, please follow OLGA News or contact me by e-mail: info@olgaproject.com, or call +7 (911) 2131939.

Most of my theatre projects and art events are produced in a partnership with a writer and playwright Yulia Ravvina. Our partnership began in 2010, when I became a co-author and co-organizer of Yulia’s 2-year-lasting White Nights project. The aim of the project was to perform and promote a play of a contemporary playwright based on a story by Feodor Dostoevsky, a well-known classic of Russian literature. Being one of the authors of the concept, I also assisted in casting and made a general promotion of the play. That was an impressive experience. The performance was seen by thousands of people and won a prize at the XIV International Dostoyevsky Chamber Theatre Festival in Staraya Russa.

In 2011, also in a partnership with Yulia, I began producing a new project The Russian Classics in the Theatre Museum. It was a year-lasting festival of the chamber-sized theatre performances based on the books of Russian classical literature. The tickets to the events were very cheap (from 1 to 5 euros). So many students and theatre-lovers in St. Petersburg had the opportunity to attend them. 

The next year, along with Yulia, I became an author of a poetry project The Chords (Struny). It was a chamber-sized performance where poetry, drama and music were brought together. An actress performed love poetry to violin music. The idea came from our aspiration to create something alike the ancient Greek poetry and music performances. However, designing our event, we employed not only the classic poems but also the contemporary ones.   

After that, also in cooperation with Yulia, I produced many other performances and events involving actors, musicians, dancers, poets and artists. All of the events  were organized and performed in museums, art galleries, book shops and other art spaces in St. Petersburg.

Having organized a lot of art and cultural events I came to the idea of my art show COLOURS. I was thinking of combining many languages of art in telling the stories about three colours of love (which reflected according to my idea three different states of the feeling). The “red”, “blue” and “green” love-stories were to be told by means of drama, dance, poetry, photography, etc. The idea inspired actors, dancer, photographers, designers and other creative people and its realization was fantastic. The show bore some features of a Surrealist ball, but it remained a contemporary art performance fitting the lofty atmosphere of a modern art lounge, where it took place.

At present I am a co-author of two Yulia’s art projects: Pushkinburg and Pushkinburger and St. Petersburg Winters.

St. Petersburg Winters Project, started in 2013, is dedicated to Russian poetry of the Silver Age and Petersburgian leisure and lifestyle during the time (the edge of the 19th and 20th centuries). Within the project, we produce all kinds of the events devoted to the Silver Age Poetry – performances, literary talks, recitations, literary parties and picnics. We also organize performances, talks and happenings with contemporary authors. The latest was Yulia Ravvina & Bella Gusarova. LOVE COCKTAIL PERFORMANCE.

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