OLGA Design & Art Events | About OLGA

A story of  Olga Design&Art Events began when I worked in the Photography Department of the St. Petersburg Theatre Museum. Working there, I was constantly addressed by many people and organizations, who asked me to provide them with pictures for their exhibitions, movies, telecasts, books, multi-media projects and so on. My task was to choose from hundreds of thousands of museum photos the best fitted ones. To find the right pictures I supposed to comprehend not only the purpose of a person, who had been addressing to me, but also a conception of the event depicted in the photograph.

Having assisted in book publishing and museum exhibition productions, I was stricken by the idea of how many various methods art gives to us to represent and tell our stories. After all, producers, playwrights, artists, actors, choreographers, costume designers, musicians etc. combine all their skills and capabilities to tell a certain story.    

Thus I became excited to create my own events, using various methods of art, and started my Olga Art Events and Olga Style&Design.

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